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Friday Poll: Is Siri a little too friendly?

Siri is getting good reviews as a sidekick, but a couple of security questions are swirling around the iPhone 4S' virtual assistant. Is Siri getting a little too friendly?

You have a new roommate. She's 4.5 inches tall and wears aluminosilicate glass and stainless steel.

She's incredibly helpful, but you suspect she's been going through your underwear drawer and gossiping behind your back.

Siri is one of the iPhone 4S' big selling points, but the spunky and snarky virtual voice assistant may have a bit of a dark side to her personality.

She'll let strangers access certain functions on your locked phone and she'll share your embarrassing nickname with your contacts.

There are ways to manage Siri's wayward behavior. You can secure her when your phone is locked by changing a setting. As for the pet name issue, simply use a nickname that you won't mind your boss finding out about.

Still, some might see these snafus as nothing to sneeze at. Now that you've spent some quality time with Siri, we want to know if you feel comfortable with her having the run of your iPhone.

Is Siri a little too friendly? Vote in our poll and tell us about your Siri experience in the comments.