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Friday Poll: Is PS3 hacker ban the right move?

Sony's move this week to permanently ban PlayStation 3 hackers from its online services has spurred passionate reactions. What's yours?

Matt Hickey/CNET

This week Sony announced that it's kicking PlayStation 3 hackers off its PlayStation Network and Qriocity media service--for life. Those deemed offenders by Sony get an e-mail saying the company is aware of their ways and plans to drop the banhammer unless they reformat their PS3's hard drive and reinstall the official, un-jailbroken PS3 firmware.

If a user fails to comply, then the ban is handed down. Users who get bannned get a blue screen telling them they're not allowed on the network, as well as an e-mail explaining why.

So far there's no word on whether those who are banned can somehow reconnect their machines to Sony's online services (and we're hoping there's a way, or there may be a glut of network-less PS3s on Craigslist in the near future).

Sony's not alone; Microsoft enacted similar measures a couple of years ago to keep modded Xboxes off of its Live network, and there was a backlash. Now, though, it seems that banning console hackers is the norm. But we have to ask, in your view is Sony's latest move to thwart breaches of its official policy fair?

Opinions on the matter, of course, are varied and passionate. If the poll answers don't cover yours, please elaborate in the comments section.