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Friday Poll: Is Honeycomb sweet enough for you?

Where do you stand now that Honeycomb has been detailed? A tablet that runs Honeycomb? The upcoming new iPad? Or something else altogether?

Honeycomb logo
James Martin/CNET

As you've surely heard, something new is coming to the tablet marketspace: Honeycomb, otherwise known as Android 3.0.

It's Google's first mobile operating system aimed specifically at tablets, and Google let us get our hands on it again this week--the same day Apple and News Corp. showed off a new publication built for the iPad.

So far we like Honeycomb, but it could have a fight ahead of it, as the iPad, which many consider to be the creator of the category, currently has 87 percent market share (remember, though, that the iPhone dominated smartphone coolness too until Android took root and began claiming a large chunk of that market).

But Honeycomb looks sweet, with a clear road map established, a new app store ready to roll, features like 3D maps, and support for powerful hardware. And it has plenty of hardware makers, like Motorola and LG, ready to back it up. If they can keep the prices of their devices reasonable, tablets running Honeycomb might have a chance at stinging Apple where it hurts.

Apple, though, is rumored to have the next-gen iPad almost ready for launch, with some guessing it may be announced in the next week and a half. We don't know much about the device, but there are enough rumors to keep the iPad versus Honeycomb stories buzzing.

So now we'd like to know where you, the Crave readers, stand. Honeycomb tablet or the new iPad? Or something else?