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Friday Poll: Is BlackBerry done?

With job cuts, financial losses, and competition woes, the future is looking rough for BlackBerry. In your eyes, what's ahead for the company?

BlackBerry Q10
Will the Q10 be one of the last BlackBerrys? Sarah Tew/CNET

You can't say BlackBerry hasn't put some serious effort into reviving its brand. It released the BlackBerry 10 operating system and accompanying phones earlier this year. It's currently in beta-testing for BlackBerry Messenger for Android. The company really seems to be trying to hang on against stiff competition in the smartphone world.

Yet, a dark cloud is growing. The company's woes really came into focus this past week with some snippets in a regulatory filing that find BlackBerry admitting it can't compete with Apple and Android. Throw in layoffs and a second-quarter loss of nearly $1 billion, and the future isn't looking too rosy.

Still, there are signs of life in the BlackBerry universe. The company is now the focus of a deal that would take the company private. Analysts are valuing BlackBerry as high as $4.7 billion. That's billions more than most companies are worth, but it pales in comparison with a behemoth like Apple or Samsung.

There are still BlackBerry loyalists out there, and the company hasn't completely left behind its reputation as a business-friendly phone manufacturer. Still, it looks like major changes would need to be in order to give it any chance at competing against the current kings.

You've witnessed BlackBerry's rise and fall and attempts to regain its footing. Is it too little too late, or does it have the chance of emerging from its own ashes like a phone-phoenix? Is BlackBerry done? Vote in our poll and tells us why or why not in the comments.