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Friday Poll: Is AT&T data throttling reasonable?

AT&T stirs the smartphone service pot as data throttling kicks in for heavy mobile broadband users. What's your take on the practice?

You're streaming the entire series of "The Sopranos" on your smartphone. It's the final episode. The screen suddenly goes black! Is it the show or is AT&T throttling your data?

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The cellular company has made good on its warning to slow the speeds for the top 5 percent of data users. Impacted users are ones who have unlimited data plans. Smartphone owners with tiered plans aren't subject to the throttling.

Customers have mixed reviews on the policy. Some are outraged at having their data slowed. Some are concerned about the drag that heavy users place on an overtaxed network. Others see it as a ploy to push unlimited customers into switching to tiered data packages.

One of the biggest complaints involves the mysterious nature of the policy. Users don't have a good way to tell if they are venturing into the data danger zone until they receive a stern message warning of a data slowdown.

The data use problem isn't going away. More and more users are piling onto the service with demanding data needs. How does all this throttling make you feel? Is AT&T way off base, or is this just the cost of doing business?

Vote in our poll and have at it in the comments. Let us know if you've been throttled or if you think throttling is good for the health of the network as a whole.