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Friday Poll: How will you spend Black Friday?

Some people live for the Super Bowl of gadget buying, others can't imagine facing the maddening crowds. How do you plan to spend the day after Thanksgiving? Vote in our poll.

Black Friday line
Will this be you the day after Thanksgiving? Ina Fried/CNET

CNET News Poll

Shopping strategies
How do you plan to spend Black Friday?

Wheaties, stretching, running, shopping, bourbon
Stay as far away from a big-box store as possible
Wear surplus Best Buy shirt to blend in and get deals early
Take advantage of online bargains sitting in my undies
Mobilize army of family and friends to get everything
Black Friday is against my religion

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Black Friday is my favorite day of the year--not just because retailers and manufacturers are falling over each other to try to nab my holiday dollars, but because the rush at the big-box stores is hilariously insane.

Today's Deals

Working at a Best Buy-like store for several years, I made sure to take full advantage of my tryptophan-induced coma so I'd be ready to go for the 16-hour workday ahead. In the end I was always exhausted, but also happy, as I'd helped many people get the good deals they were looking for.

We've featured quite a few Black Friday deals in the last few days as they trickle out, and we're sure many of our Crave readers are gearing up for the Super Bowl of gadget buying. So we'd like to know: what, exactly, is your strategy for tackling Black Friday this year?

Vote in our poll, and if you're planning to mark the day in a way we didn't cover, be sure to let us know in the Talkback section below.