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Friday Poll: How much of the debate did you follow on Twitter?

Twitter turned into the social media headquarters for presidential debate news and all things Big Bird. Are tweets becoming your preferred source of debate news?

Twitter's debate page
Twitter hosted a debate tweet explosion. Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Twitter launched a new star during the presidential debate on Wednesday, but he wasn't wearing a suit and tie. Big Bird from "Sesame Street" was the subject of an explosion of tweets after the topic of cutting funding to PBS came up between President Obama and his Republican rival Mitt Romney.

There was a point during the debate where the phrase "Big Bird" was tweeted 17,000 times a minute. That's some serious action for a fictional creature. He also spawned a slew of satirical accounts. This all just goes to show how Twitter has turned into a thermometer for hot news topics.

Anticipating the eminent hoopla, Twitter launched a dedicated page for the debates. All in all, the debate generated 10 million tweets, making it the most-tweeted political event in history.

This brings us to an interesting crossroads in how people are getting their news. Some folks I know skipped television entirely, instead choosing to trawl for updates on Facebook or Twitter. I watched the debate with my iPad on my lap, checking in on what people were saying online.

Where do you fall on the news-gathering spectrum? Vote in our poll and lets us know if Twitter was your sole feed for presidential debate updates, if you watched it only on TV on online in the traditional manner, or if you're some hybrid who likes it both ways.

Tell us more in the comments. Will you follow the next debate the same way?