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Friday Poll: How app-happy are you?

A recent survey by Nielsen said 9 percent of iPad owners have never downloaded or installed a single app. Does that include any of our readers?

I have about 30,302,866 apps on my iPhone. I know, I need to pare it down some. But I'm crazy about apps. The app store coming to OS X is interesting to me, as it gives me still more devices to overload with fart apps and unit converters. But not everyone is like me, it seems, at least when it comes to one Apple device, the iPad.


In fact, according to a recent survey by Nielsen, 9 percent of iPad owners queried have never downloaded or installed a single app. Not one. Zero. And I don't understand it.

The iPad's a great platform for many different kinds of apps. Among the infinity-plus on mine, I love the ComiXolgy app for reading comics, which the iPad almost seems made for. Last night, I watched "Star Trek IV: The Undiscovered Country" on the Netflix app. And right now I'm considering getting the Halloween edition of Angry Birds for the device.

But the Nielsen stats show not everyone is as app-happy as me. So I wanted to find out where you, Crave readers, stand on apps. Assuming you have devices with access to an app marketplace (Android handsets, iPhones, BlackBerrys, etc.), do you install apps? And if so, about how many? Or am I just totally app-crazy?

Correction, October 22 at 6:41 p.m. PDT: Nielsen contacted us to let us know that one of the charts featured in its NielsenWire blog post on connected devices contained an incorrect number. The percent of iPad owners surveyed by Nielsen who have never downloaded or installed an app is 9 percent.