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Friday Poll: Got your eye on an iPad?

iPad Day is almost upon us. Will you be springing for a new Apple tablet? If so, which one?

CNET News Poll

Got your eye on an iPad?
Will you be springing for a new Apple iPad? If so, which one?

16GB, no 3G (I just want one)
32GB, no 3G (worth the extra $100)
64GB, no 3G (3G? No, but I want the rest)
16GB with 3G (worth the $129.99 extra)
32GB with 3G (I'm not paying $800 for a tablet)
64GB with 3G (and much smug satisfaction)
No iPad for me; my laptop and smartphone are fine, thanks

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James Martin/CNET

iPad Day, as you've surely heard, is almost upon us. When Apple stores around the country open their doors Saturday morning, those who have preordered the much-hyped tablet, yours truly included, can finally get their hands on one. Those who haven't preordered the device can also get one at Apple stores starting at 9 a.m. local time, as well as at most Best Buys.

It's been reported here and elsewhere that iPad preorders are numbering in the hundreds of thousands, and you, being Crave fans, perhaps count for one of those. Or at least you're considering purchasing one of the second wave of devices that will be available April 12.

We've been over the apps, and there are many, but what about the hardware? The iPad comes in three configurations for storage: 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. And each of these will be available at the end of the month with 3G, making six models total.

So, which iPad, if any, do you have your eye on (iOn?), Cravers? Vote in our poll.