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Friday Poll: Game over for console play?

Some people think consoles' days of leading the video game market may be numbered. Will you still be playing on a console five years from now?

retro gamer
Face it. Gamers change their ways over time. USC

If you live outside of your mom's basement (suckers!) and aren't transfixed by the minutia of gaming news, you may have missed the word that Microsoft just dropped a new Xbox 360. It's sleeker, cheaper, and more wireless-ish than its predecessors. The PS3 got slimmer not so long ago, and we can only assume the Wii will get more wee in the near future (sorry, had to).

But despite the leading consoles shrinking in size and price, some game developers, notably BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk, think consoles' days of leading the video game market are numbered. And it's not necessarily PC gamers who will cause the market to shift, they say, but users of mobile gadgets such as iPhones and Android devices, and handheld units like Nintendo's forthcoming 3DS.

That said, while consoles aren't going away, their roles may expand. As more feature non-gaming capabilities like Netflix streaming or Flickr integration, more non-gamers will find value in them. But that's the mainstream; what about Crave's readers?

Let's look into the future, say 2015. Where will you be playing most of your games in five years?