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Friday Poll: Favorite new iOS 5 feature?

Apple's new iOS 5 update should keep you plenty busy until your next iPhone arrives. What's your favorite new feature?

iOS 5

There's a new iOS in town and and it comes bearing gifts. iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners are kicking their old OS to the curb and embracing this handsome stranger.

iOS 5 is already getting a much warmer reception than its less charismatic cousin, iOS 4.2.

There are plenty of new features great (iCloud backup) and small (split keyboard for iPad). It's not perfect, but there's a little somethin' somethin' for everybody.

If you've jumped through all the hoops and gotten iOS 5 successfully installed, then you've probably blown at least part of your work day on exploring the new features.

Maybe you're blasting off messages to the cubicle next door with iMessage, backing up your Infinity Blade achievements with iCloud, syncing photos between your iPhone and iPad, or Tweeting everything in sight.

Tell us about your first impressions of iOS 5. What's your favorite new feature? Vote in our poll and chat us up in the comments.