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Friday Poll: Do you want in-flight cell phone calls?

A recent FCC vote improves the chances for in-flight cell phone use, but not everybody is thrilled about the possibility.

Emirates call
Emirates airline already allows cell calls on some flights. Emirates

The possibility of passengers making cell phone calls while in the air is lurking on the horizon like a chatty specter, threatening to break through the relative quiet of airplane travel. A vote by the FCC has come down in favor of a measure that will put a proposal for lifting the ban on in-flight cell phone use up for public comment.

Some people are rooting for in-flight voice calls. They want to embrace the convenience and be able to touch base with loved ones or colleagues on the ground. They figure chatting on the phone is no worse than dealing with an upset child, a snoring seatmate, or somebody deep in conversation across the aisle.

Other people dread the very thought of in-flight cell phone calls, of having to face that nightmare moment when the lady next to you calls her aunt and spends the next two hours talking about her intimate medical issues and family problems in a very loud voice.

There are still a lot of "ifs" involved. If the ban is lifted. If airlines decide to allow cell phone calls. If a cell phone-calling ban doesn't end up making it through Congress. Only then will the floodgates potentially open.

If the ban is lifted and airlines get on board by allowing passengers to yap it up, perhaps it will lead to such things as "quiet flights," the same way many commuter trains have "quiet cars." Perhaps it will lead to chaos and rebellion.

Where do you stand on the issue of in-flight cell phone calls? Are you itching to dial from the air, or hoping the ban never gets lifted? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.