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Friday Poll: Do you want an Android Wear smartwatch?

A new round of smartwatches is set to arrive in July, sporting the Android Wear OS. Will one of them end up on your wrist?

LG G Watch
The LG G Watch is due on July 7. Josh Miller/CNET

While smartwatches have been big news in the gadget world, there still aren't a ton of them wandering around on people's wrists in the wild. Google hopes to give the smartwatch market a boost as the first Android Wear gadgets finally reach consumers.

The $229 LG G Watch and $200 Samsung Gear Live are both due July 7. These square-faced watches were shown off at Google's annual I/O conference as some of the first to sport the Android Wear OS, which will pair with any smartphone or tablet running Android 4.3 or up. The Samsung Gear Live includes the bonus feature of a heart-rate monitor on the back, which may tempt fitness buffs to buy it.

The Android Wear system relies heavily on voice commands for navigation. Notifications arrive like little versions of Google Now cards. The reliance on voice control may end up being the biggest shift for people who are already into smartwatches.

Though the G Watch and Gear Live are expected to be the early arrivals at the Android Wear party, some smartwatch-watchers are looking beyond them to the debut of the Moto 360. This circular watch is expected sometime this summer, though pricing and an exact release date haven't been announced. The round look certainly stands out and may entice fashion-conscious smartwatch shoppers to wait a bit.

Apple has yet to officially weigh in on smartwatches, but an eventual iWatch could make a big splash. Considering all the options, including simply passing on buying a smartwatch at all, what's your inclination? Are you ready to slap an Android Wear device on your wrist, or are you waiting for something more enticing to come along? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.