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Friday Poll: Do you want a PlayStation 4?

Sony's PlayStation 4 announcement is short on specifics, but that shouldn't stop you from forming an early opinion. Is this new console going to be a must-have for you?

PS4 announcement screen
The new PS4 is unveiled, but we're not going to show you what it looks like. Sarah Tew /CNET

At long last, the PlayStation 4 is arriving Sort of. It's been announced, but the announcement left fans with a lot of questions, like "How much will it cost?" and "What on earth does it actually look like?"

As sketchy as the details are, you can already hear the sound of gamers saving up bucks to buy the new machine when it comes out, supposedly later this year. We're also hearing some concerns resulting from unanswered questions and the news that the new console won't be natively compatible with all those PlayStation 3 games you already sunk a ton of money into.

OK, so what do we know about this mystery machine? We know the hardware specs are a big upgrade over the last generation, including an eight-core X86 AMD Jaguar CPU and 1.84-teraflop AMD Radeon graphics engine. We know the DualShock 4 controller has a little touch pad. We're also expected some form of streaming gaming function.

Sometimes teasing a new product only whets consumer appetite. Sometimes it's just a turn-off. How are you feeling about the PlayStation 4? Maybe you're disappointed by the issue of accessing your PS3 games. Maybe you're willing to wait and see what the next Microsoft Xbox has to offer. Maybe you just want to see what it actually looks like. (Why are they hiding it? Does it have weird hairs growing in unsightly places or are they just waiting for E3?).

Based on the vague information from the announcement, do you want a PlayStation 4? Vote in our poll and talk it up in the comments.