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Friday Poll: Do you play games on Facebook?

Facebook is still charming casual gamers into play on the social network. Are you one of them?

Candy Crush Saga
Do you have a crush on Candy Crush Saga? Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

FarmVille is not the end-all and be-all of Facebook gaming. Zynga may no longer be tied at the hip to Facebook, but that hasn't put much a damper on the popularity of games on the social network. Interestingly enough, gaming is in a bit of a boom-time mode right now.

Despite my anecdotal evidence showing a massive decline in farm- and mafia-related activities on Facebook, gaming revenue is better than ever for the company. Nowadays, the face of Facebook gaming includes apps like Candy Crush Saga, Texas HoldEm Poker, and (yes) FarmVille 2.

The amount of money that Facebook rakes in from games is minuscule compared to the amount of money brought in from advertising, but the company is still embracing gaming. After all, those gamers spend extra time on the network. I remember back when Mob Wars swept through Facebook like Peter Clemenza working his way through a cannoli.

Despite a 48-hour flirtation with Mob Wars long ago, I haven't gotten sucked into the world of Facebook gaming, but there are plenty who have been. Candy Crush Saga alone is logging 45.5 million active users.

Let's talk about your Facebook gaming proclivities. Are you logging hours on Facebook games or ignoring them completely? Vote in our poll and share your high scores (or lack thereof) in the comments. If Facebook gaming enchants you, tell us why. If it turns you off, tell us about that, too.