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Friday Poll: Do you like Facebook Timeline?

Facebook Timeline is now a requirement, not an option. Are you digging the new profile look--with its long history and constant friend updates--or are you pining for the old days?

Facebook Timeline example
Facebook Timeline has left me searching for a better cover photo. Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Your time is up. It's Timeline or bust for Facebook users now. The social network is automatically switching users over to the new profile look over the next few weeks.

Timeline dredges up your entire history from the day you first joined the network, and even back as far as your birth. That includes your awkward "Twilight" phase and that time you posted a heartfelt poem over a breakup three years ago.

Facebookers now face a huge banner image on top of each profile and a constantly updated stream of information about what your friends are doing, posting, listening to, or watching.

This is a big change and not everyone is thrilled about it. It's kind of like having an interactive autobiography online, except you also get to know that your best bud just watched the crazy honey badger video for the tenth time.

At least one CNET reader has hatched a plot to open a new Facebook account to start fresh without the burden of years of social-networking history.

If you're still coming to terms with Timeline, we have a handy video to help you get better acquainted.

Now that you have to get used to the new profile, tell us how you're feeling about it. Do you like Facebook Timeline?

Are you ready to jump ship to some other social network or are you happily uploading your high school yearbook photo to fill out your history? Vote in our poll and share your deep thoughts in the comments.