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Friday Poll: Can Google I/O possibly top last year's?

Google set a high bar with its skydiving introduction of Glass last year. Could this year's conference contain more "wow-ness?"

Can Google I/O 2013 hit the same high note as last year without jumping out of a plane? Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Google set a pretty high standard of what I'll call "wow-ness" with last year's introduction of Google Glass to the world at its annual developers' conference, Google I/O. Glass-wearing stunt people took the brand new device skydiving, rappelling down the side of San Francisco's Moscone Center, and mountain biking through the crowds inside the conference center.

Can Google I/O 2013 possibly contain more wow-ness than that?

A year later, Glass is now in the wild, so it's always possible Google could have some new apps, features, and use cases it plans to roll out next week, but to up the wow factor, it's likely going to have to put someone or something into orbit.

Then again, rumors about a Google/Motorola "X phone" have been gaining steam, so there could be a sexy product release in the works.

It's also fair to expect new versions of Chrome, Android, Google Maps, and perhaps a new Nexus tablet.

What would it take for I/O to wow you this year? Vote in our poll to the left, and leave your own suggestions in the comments below.