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Friday Poll: Attack of the QWERTY phones

We think QWERTY keyboards on phones might replace T9 entirely within just a few years. What will this lead to?

CNET News Poll

The QWERTY question
What will a preponderance of QWERTY keyboards on cell phones lead to?

BlackBerry Thumb Syndrome will be renamed Thumb Syndrome
T9 phones from early 2000s will find their way to "Antiques Roadshow"
LG will introduce a high-tech phone with T9 called "The Nostalgia"
Anti-QWERTY demonstrations in London will grow increasingly violent
Whatever, dude. I still refuse to get a cell phone

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HTC Snap

A large number--if not the majority--of the phones we saw at this year's CTIA trade show in Vegas featured some sort of QWERTY keyboard instead of (or in addition to) the traditional T9 numeric keypad most phones have had for years. The HTC Snap and Samsung Impression pictured are just two examples of QWERTY phones.


We think QWERTY might replace T9 entirely within just a few years. As T9 fades into memory and QWERTY becomes the default, a few things might happen. What do you expect to see?

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