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Friday Poll: Are traditional gaming consoles on their way out?

The launches of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 could be the end of an era as gaming breaks away from the realm of living room consoles.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4
Do these look like dinosaurs to you? Microsoft and Sony

The gaming world is all aflutter with the impending debut of the latest and greatest gaming consoles from Microsoft and Sony. It's been fun debating their strengths and weaknesses and design aesthetics, but this could potentially be the last go-round for the dedicated living room gaming console.

CNET Senior Editor Dan Ackerman talks about why he thinks the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 may be the last of their kind. One major factor is the move away from gaming on discs and the shift of entertainment consumption over to streaming services like Netflix.

Microsoft is already de-emphasizing physical game media and putting a damper on the used game market for the Xbox One. It's a sign of the changing times. Streaming gaming services are picking up steam. Ackerman sees future Xbox and PlayStation machines as having more in common with a Roku than with their current forms.

Not everyone agrees with this concept of the gaming future. Some readers have chimed in to differ. "The box might get smaller but that doesn't change that they will still be there. As others have already said. We will NEVER have the infrastructure need to go to pure streaming in its current form," writes a reader who goes by the username Casaiir.

Take a look into your crystal ball and tell us what you divine for the future of gaming consoles. Are traditional consoles going the way of dinosaurs? Vote in our poll, and talk it out in the comments.