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Friday Poll: Are today's video games too violent?

Bang. Gush. Spurt. The blood seems to be flowing more than ever in video games these days. Is it too much?

Sony E3 blood geyser video still
A geyser of blood explodes at Sony's E3 press conference. GameSpot

I once took out 861 infected villagers, crawly creatures, chainsaw-wielding weirdos, and bosses in a single session of Resident Evil 4. That's a lot of splatter, chest holes, ammunition, and blood bursts. That's a lot of violence.

Some of the new games unveiled at E3 this year make my personal splatterfest record look pretty tame. The Splinter Cell: Blacklist trailer is age-restricted. I counted at least a couple dozen kills over the course of the trailer, most of them up close and personal.

CNET Executive Editor Molly Wood's rant on the amount of violence in the new video games at E3 has triggered some hub-bub in the comments section. Some gamers feel that gore is okay in the service of a good storyline. Others feel it's just gone too far over-the-top in recent years.

We're a long way from the days when video game violence was so much more pixelated. Current gaming systems can show incredible details of blood drops flying through the air and innards becoming outtards.

All that ooze has become a major selling point for new games, as evidenced by some of the big game unveils at E3. But how are you feeling about all the blood? Maybe your favorite games are Okami and Myst, or maybe you can't wait to gut your enemies in the new Splinter Cell.

Are video games too violent now? Vote in our poll and take up your case in the comments.