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Friday Poll: Anxious about cell phone radiation?

CNET recently updated its running lists of mobile phones that emit the highest and lowest amounts of radiation. How much thought, if any, do you give to SAR levels these days?

This week, CNET updated its running list of the 20 cell phones with the highest specific absorption rate (SAR) levels. Debate over phone radiation danger has been going on for years, but it may be on more people's minds with all the talk about potential hazards of TSA body scanners.

The fact is that cell phones do emit radiation; it's part of how they work. We're not saying cell phones are dangerous, and we're not saying they're not. We're just stating the facts as we've measured them. To be fair, we also recently updated our list of the 20 lowest-emitting handsets.

But this poll is about opinion, Crave readers. How worried, if at all, are you about SAR levels? Let us know in the poll to the left, and in the comments section below.