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Friday Poll: And for Twitter's next trick...

Twitter seems to be showing everywhere these days--even in the most unexpected places, like a Commodore 64. Where will the microblogging service appear next? Vote in our poll.

CNET News Poll

Tomorrow's Twitter
Where's Twitter most likely to show up next?

Digital camera with GPS that geo-tweets
Beer mug that tweets when empty
Locket that hash-tags your lover's name
Milk carton with its own freshness feed
Rick Astley video

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Twitter T-shirt
Twitter is making its way onto clothes. ThinkGeek

This week, we talked a lot about how Twitter is impacting the real world--as a means of conveying information about the political situation in Iran, for example, and as a ThinkGeek T-shirt theme.

But probably our most-discussed Twitter story was about a guy who got his old Commodore 64 connected to the microblogging service. It's an awesome and fun project, and it got us wondering: where's Twitter going to show up next?

Vote in our poll, and if you come up with possible uses we missed, let us know in our TalkBack section.