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Friday Poll: After Ouya, how likely are you to invest in crowdfunding?

The Ouya Kickstarter project left some early backers feeling left out after the console reached retail first. Are stories of crowdfunding snafus making you think twice about investing?

Not all early backers have gotten their hands on an Ouya. Josh Miller/CNET

There's always an element of gambling when it comes to crowdfunding projects. You hand over your money, sometimes on just a wing and a prayer and a prototype, and hope your reward gets delivered as promised, when promised. It doesn't always work out.

Many backers of the Ouya gaming device on Kickstarter got their Android consoles on time, before they reached retail. Some backers didn't. There are an unknown number of unhappy early adopters with no hardware in their possession and vague answers as to what happened.

Ouya isn't the only crowdfunding exercise that's hit a few speedbumps. Late last year, Kickstarter clarified where it stands on the subject of refunds from failed projects. Essentially, it's up to the project creator to make things right with backers.

With the growth in crowdfunding platforms, including Kickstarter and Indiegogo, there are likely to be more incidents of projects that don't pan out, or projects that hit delays.

Personally, I haven't had any problems with the Kickstarters I've backed, though my sample size is pretty limited.

Do stories of problems like the one some Ouya investors have experienced make you more or less likely to invest in crowdfunding projects? Share your thoughts in the comments. Are you happy to throw the dice, do you vet projects more carefully, or are you swearing off the crowdfunding experience?