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FreshDeals puts online bargains in your pocket

This new iPhone app lets you find the latest online deals throughout the day by keeping track of over a dozen social bargain finding sites.

If you're a regular reader you know I'm a sucker for deals sites. Enterprising iPhone developer Joseph Kiok is too--enough of one to write an app called FreshDeals that keeps tabs on 15 different deals sites to help you find and track the latest bargains.

While something like this would have probably been a better idea pre-economic downturn, one thing it excels at is weeding out the old deals from the new. The sites are refreshed every couple of minutes, and in turn each deal is given a time stamp and a rating from "fresh" to "freshest." The newer a deal the better a chance you have at nabbing it before it expires or the retailer runs out of stock.

There's currently no way to bookmark deals you like, or search any of these sites based on product or keyword, however you can send any item you're interested in as an e-mail--either to yourself, or someone who you think would find it useful. There's also an integrated browser, so you can look at the details of each deal without leaving the app.

In future versions of the app I'd love to see a search tool and, when Apple pulls the trigger on the notifications service, a way to get notifications when a keyword or product you bookmarked goes on sale. You can do this with a customized Google alert and some special e-mail handling rules, but it would be great to get it in a package like this.

FreshDeals is 99 cents and can be found in the app store (iTunes link)

FreshDeals lets you see the latest deals on more than a dozen popular deal-finding sites. CNET Networks