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Fresh poster and trailer tease 'Jurassic Park 3D'

Start perfecting your Velociraptor impersonations. "Jurassic Park 3D" roars into theaters next year.

A fresh new poster for Jurassic Park 3D. Universal Pictures

The blockbuster "Jurassic Park" gets another chance to shine -- this time in the third dimension -- as it makes a big 20th anniversary comeback to 3D and IMAX 3D movie screens on April 5, 2013.

To mark the occasion, Universal Pictures whipped up a fresh trailer and captivating poster for the movie. We heartily recommend that you share these with any "Jurassic Park" fans so they can perfect their Velociraptor impersonations and get the movie's premiere on their calendars in advance. Jurassic Park" might be 65 million years in the making, but we think the 3D release is a guaranteed sick day months in the making.

Next year looks to be a busy season for major movie re-releases in 3D, as "Independence Day 3D" lands in July and a "Star Wars 3D" prequel double feature arrives several months later.

For those who plan to see it -- what "Jurassic Park 3D" scene do you look forward to most?