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Fresh imagery recharges Adobe Post app for quick graphic design

Adobe wants your business even if you're not a full-on Photoshop user. Post 2.5 is for iPhones and iPads but its design wheel will remind you of early iPods.

Want to make those polished, eye-catching graphics-and-text images you see on sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook? Adobe Systems' Post app for iPhone and iPad has fresher imagery and new tools for whipping them up.

Tuesday's Adobe Post 2.5 release lets the company inject new imagery into the app whenever it wants to keep you from getting stuck with stale photos. It gets the new "design suggestion wheel" for quickly choosing fonts or other elements the way early Apple iPod music players flashed through music tracks. And it supports live photos, Apple's new technology that turns still images into short videos.

Post is one of dozens of apps Adobe has built for Apple mobile devices and competing phones and tablets powered by Google's Android. The company is hoping to lure you into its world of creative software even if you're not the type to pay $50 a month for Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe's other heavy-hitting Creative Cloud titles. So far, though, Adobe's had mixed results winning over new users with its mobile apps.