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Fresh herbs in reach

The Power Plant Herb Garden lets you grow herbs anywhere you want, with no dirt and no mess.

The Power Plant Herb Garden ThinkGeek

Having fresh herbs within reach while you're cooking may seem like a luxury, but with a small hydroponic garden, like the Power Plant Herb Garden, it's actually quite possible. Going the hydroponic route eliminates dirt and requires little more setup than pouring some water. It's an ideal way to grow a variety of herbs--basil, parsley, cilantro, thyme, and even mini tomatoes do well in the Power Plant Herb Garden. Because of the wide variety of growing options available to you, this hydroponic set does not come with seeds, but you can use any seeds that you might buy at the store in this unit.

The Power Plant Herb Garden comes with sponges and nutrient solution, which combine to form the soil-free growing medium. You can order new sponges and more nutrient solution separately for future gardening efforts. The actual unit is only 8.7 inches by 7 inches by 2.8 inches. It fits easily on even a narrow window sill, making it simple to find a home for it without giving up any counter space--and if you decide to expand to multiple units, space won't be an issue. The Power Plant Herb Garden is $39.99. Additional sponges and bottles of nutrient solution are $9.99 each.