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Tech Industry

Fresh fields for open source

roundup At an industry conference, Novell touts open-source advances and takes jabs at SCO. Also: Sun says no to making Java open source.

roundup Novell uses the Open Source Business Conference in San Francisco to tout open-source advances and take jabs at an antagonist. In Boston, meanwhile, Sun indicates that it is not inclined to take up IBM's offer to help make Java open source.

update The company's top software executive calls IBM's proposal to make Java open source "weird" and says it would encourage incompatible standards.
March 17, 2004

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Chris Stone, vice chairman, Novell

A Novell executive says the intellectual property foundations of open-source software are sound. "Sorry, Darl," he says in a jab at SCO chief Darl McBride.
March 16, 2004

In the latest legal battle with Microsoft, the open-source OS maker requests that the software giant be barred from filing another trademark suit against it overseas.
March 16, 2004

Tim Bray, one of the authors of the XML 1.0 specification, becomes technical director in the software group and will work on content syndication and advanced search.
March 15, 2004

The popular open-source applications is set to get support for clustering, a feature that lets one or more databases take over if another fails.
March 15, 2004

The computers, which are geared toward business buyers, will run Turbolinux's software, a version of the open-source operating system based on Novell's SuSE Linux.
March 15, 2004