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French woman uses eBay to fence stolen goods

French woman goes on daily shoplifting spree and then sells stolen items on eBay. She pocketed about $120,000 before being arrested.

A woman in the town of Pontarlier, France, saw a little boy steal some goods from a supermarket and slip out the door undetected thanks to a faulty alarm system.

That was in 2004. Nearly every day since, the woman is accused of walking out of the store with stolen goods that she later sold on auction site, eBay, according to a story in Thursday's edition of LeParisien.

Before being apprehended, the woman hauled in the equivalent of $120,000, according to the story. Some of the stuff she pilfered included video games, CDs, DVDs and razor blades.

In all, the 33-year-old woman got away with 3,500 items before police specializing in Internet crime caught up with her.