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French firm sues to get rival browser engines on iPhone

Open-source software developer Nexedi is taking Apple to court in France in an effort to improve HTML5 support on the iOS platform.


Nexedi, a French open-software developer, also runs software solutions forums such as this one in Shanghai.


Nexedi, a French open-source software developer, is not happy that Apple won't let rival browsing engines onto the iPhone. So unhappy, in fact, it's taking the tech giant to court.

"We hope (the suit) will help Apple to sooner support the latest Web and HTML5 standards on its iOS platform -- the operating system used by all iPhones," the company said in a detailed blog post Friday.

Apple allows rival browser apps on its iOS software for the iPhone. But they are required to use Apple's rendering engine, which hampers rival efforts to draw on the latest Web standards.

That means business apps that Nexedi and others build can run in Windows, Linux and Android browsers, but not on iOS devices.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.