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Freestyle HD wearable camera packs a display

The Swann Freestyle HD wearable video camera sports a removable LCD display for immediate playback of your extreme action sports videos.

Swann Freestyle HD
Come on in. The water's fine. Swann

The GoPro line of wearable cameras has been dominating the action sports video camera realm, but a new challenger has just arrived. The Swann Freestyle HD hopes a display will be the game changer.

Freestyle HD LCD display
I can see clearly now. The Freestyle features a display. (Click to enlarge.) Swann

The Freestyle HD caters to impatient people who don't want to wait to load their videos onto a computer or play them back through a television at home.

The detachable 1.5-inch LCD screen is tiny, but it will let you know if you captured that spectacular skateboard wipeout or not.

The display comes along for the ride with a video camera that can shoot 1080p HD video at 30fps. It has a 3x digital zoom and a wireless remote control to trigger the camera just as you're swooping down Dead Man's Curve on your bike.

The camera can capture 8-megapixel JPEG stills, has 2.5 hours of battery life, and is waterproof up to 65 feet when wearing its waterproof case. That should come in handy for surfing daredevils or anyone making a low-budget "Jaws V."

There are plenty of mounting options for the $279.99 Freestyle HD. Stick it on a helmet, set it on your handlebars, hide it under your skateboard, or adhere it to your Roomba for action-packed vacuuming videos. YouTube will let you upload just about anything.