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Freestyle Audio DMP: 'Indestructible' waterproof MP3 player

This is Freestyle Audio's brand new, fully submersible MP3 player and the company claims it's almost completely indestructible. Sounds like a wager to us

One of the most bothersome aspects of drowning is that it'll completely destroy your digital music player. It's bad enough having to inhale water but doing so in complete silence is just rubbing salt in the wound. Freestyle Audio aims to remedy this problem while providing a much more appropriate audio solution to swimmers and snorkellers -- it's time for a completely submersible MP3 player.

Waterproof up to 3m (10 feet), the Freestyle Audio DMP provides the complete solution for swimmers or anyone who works around a lot of water. The product's Web site states this is an ideal device for people who sweat profusely during a workout. Crave isn't keen on meeting the man who sweats enough to require a completely submersible MP3 player -- that's one soggy-sounding bloke.

The manufacturer also claims the DMP is "almost completely indestructible". This is a mastodonic claim and we're interested in testing the player's 'crush limit'. Whether it's indestructible or not, having a completely waterproof and shockproof portable music player is destined to be highly suitable for active music fans or keen swimmers. It's incredibly lightweight, floats on water and comes with specially engineered waterproof earbuds.

The Freestyle Audio DMP comes in 256MB, 512MB and 1GB versions, costing $139 (about £75), $169 (about £90) or $199 (about £110) respectively. They can be ordered now from the company's Web site, which will post them to UK residents. -NL