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FreeRide offers online access coupons

A new service from New York-based FreeRide lets consumers trade coupons from sponsors' products for free online time. The service will launch in April.

That next six-pack of soda you buy could earn you time online if a new concept called FreeRide takes off. Set to launch in April, the new service will offer registered users special sponsor coupons that can be exchanged for online time.

Net users register for the service by filling out a form on the site. Users can pick the sponsors they want to see on the service by category. Categories include snacks, travel, beverages, fast food, and cosmetics. Each registered user will receive a set of FreeRide envelopes to return proofs of purchase and receive online credits for access time.

Plans call for FreeRide to work with a range of Net access providers and commercial online services, said officials. No specifics were announced.