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FreePPP 2.6 news: new beta available

FreePPP 2.6 news: new beta available

FreePPP 2.6 Beta 6 is now available. From The Read Me file (which also covers new features and fixes): "First off the beta title for this release is somewhat of a misnomer. The version of the FreePPP MDEV (i.e extension) in this release is actually 2.6.1 final and does not have an expiration date. The FreePPP Setup application doesn't yet support preferences import/export so I still consider it a beta. There is also an issue with FreePPP 2.6.1 and the commercial FreePPP API from Rockstar Studios (the code got out of sync between releases) which will require a FreePPP 2.6.2 release to correct. This 2.6.1 release is being made to replace the old 2.6b7 version which is somewhat less that stable and expires in a few days. The final 2.6.2 release, complete with documentation and a real installer, will appear sometime in September."