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Free yourself from the confines of the stovetop

The Fissler CookStar Induction Pro Cooktop features energy-efficient ease-of-use with convenient portability.

Cook where you want to. Chef's Catalog

Sometimes one stove isn't enough. That's not to say an additional stove is always necessary, but sometimes you just need a little more. Or, perhaps even more importantly, you need your cooktop to just move over there. Whether it is a matter of space or convenience, a portable cooktop is an excellent way to expand your options.

The Fissler CookStar Induction Pro Cooktop, PROX61 features 1,500 watts of power and nine heating levels to ensure quality results no matter what or where you need to cook. A boost function and a keep-warm setting provide precision control, either while preparing foods, or while serving them at the table. The easy-to-use touch-sensitive controls are intuitive, and at the end of the meal, the frameless glass-ceramic surface is easy to clean.

The most energy-efficient method of cooking is via induction, and considering safety issues (portable open-flame appliances even sound not-so-safe), the lack of surface heat makes induction cooktops desirable. Of course, induction-friendly cookware is needed, but considering the rising popularity of induction cooktops--both portable and not--finding quality cookware is not so much of a chore. Certainly expanding options and easy convenience are worth it in the end.