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Free your inner artist with Genius 8x6 graphics tablet, $39.99 shipped

Amazon has the Genius MousePen 8x6 pressure-sensitive graphics tablet on sale for $39.99. It includes a cordless pen, a cordless mouse, and free shipping.


The Genius MousePen 8x6 is a pressure-sensitive graphics tablet that lets you draw freehand in programs like Corel Painter. Usually such tablets start at around $80, and large ones like this run even higher, but Amazon has it for just $39.99 with free shipping.

I'm no tablet expert, but the reviews on Amazon and this one on peg this as a pretty solid model (the ratings average 4 out of 5 stars). It features 1,024 pressure-sensitivity levels, a wireless pen, a wireless mouse, and a copy of the aforementioned Corel Painter. Although the specs indicate Windows compatibility only, the Genius site has Mac OS X drivers available for download. If you're in the market for a tablet, this is the deal to beat.