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Free 'World' mentality: WorldMate now free for Nokia S60s

Symbian S60 series users are in for a special treat--five features of WorldMate's all-in-one travel software are now offered in a free product release.

WorldMate is now free for the Nokia S60 series. Mobimate

It's not uncommon for publishers to start nailing dollar signs on freeware products or release a pro version requiring some financial obligation. It's a little more rare, and always refreshing, to see publishers introduce a free version of a commercial product. PK Ware did it with SecureZIP back in April, and MobiMate is doing it now with WorldMate S60, all-in-one travel software that incorporates a world clock, global currency converter, weather forecaster, and time zone map that tracks night and day around the globe.

The limited-feature release offers users free reign over five WorldMate capabilities, but dangles flight schedule and flight status lookup, and satellite imagery as bait to upgrade for $50. That's a hard lump sum to swallow when mobile browsing and Google services can deliver the same free of charge. WorldMate's free version, however, offers a convenient toolkit that's useful for travelers, especially frequent time zone trippers.

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