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Tech Industry

Free VRML browser debuts

VREAM, a virtual reality software maker, has posted a free version of its VRML browser that works with Windows 95.

Virtual reality software company VREAM today announced that a free version of its interactive 3D VRML browser for Windows 95 is available for download.

Dubbed WIRL, the browser is compatible with VRML and allows users to view flying helicopters and playing pianos and watch a cybergymnast doing flips at VREAM's site, according to Ken Gaebler, vice president of marketing and sales.

"WIRL is a unique virtual reality product because it allows interaction," said Gaebler. "Our next release, due out sometime next spring, will support numerous participants that will allow you to play basketball, for example, with someone across the country." WIRL will also include in-line extension support for Java.

Virtual reality will become a mainstream component in technology this year, said Gaebler. "We've watched the market since 1987, and I think this is the year for virtual reality, considering all the major players are pushing for 3D," he said. "As a result of virtual reality being on the Net, a lot of people are going to come out with super killer content that will be hard to choose from," he added.