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Free tune up: Rihanna, Elton John, Girl Talk...

Free tune up: Rihanna, Elton John, Girl Talk...

Rihanna wants you to start your engine.

The oil crisis has been an easy target for the media, so now it's our turn to get in on the hype. No matter what your political views are (left, right, or center), the rising price of oil is a concern for everyone. Even the most patriotic gas-guzzlers out there are beginning to question their driving habits. Now, if you ask the R&B star Rihanna, she'll tell you to "shut up and drive," but we think (and hope) that she's making a sexual reference.

While we wait for gas prices to drop, let's fire up this free Tune Up playlist instead of our engines. Click the green button below to listen, then visit Download Music to stream and download thousands more free songs.