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Free speech in court again

Issues of decency and censorship are raised immediately after approval of a spending bill that includes controversial legislation on online issues.

Issues of decency and censorship are raised immediately after President Clinton signed an omnibus spending bill that includes controversial legislation on a wide range of online issues.

Lawsuit filed against CDA II
Civil liberties groups, news publishers, and online merchants sue the government to overturn the Child Online Protection Act.

Library filtering suit dismissed
A California superior court judge throws out a lawsuit calling for mandatory filters on library computers used to surf the Internet.

Spending bill becomes law
update The president signs a $500 billion spending bill for fiscal 1999 that includes several technology- and Net-related provisions.

$3.4 billion devoted to Y2K bug
Congress's spending package includes $3.4 billion for covering costs associated with Year 2000 problems.

Tech bills in the budget
Congress is set to pass a $500 billion-plus federal spending bill that contains a handful of tech provisions and controversial Net content regulations.

Groups plan suit against Net bill
update Free speech groups are preparing a lawsuit against the government if the Child Online Protection Act is signed into law as expected.

CDA II may slip into law
As it scrambles to adjourn, Congress could finally pass a bill that would make it a crime for sites to give minors access to "harmful material."

New guidelines on child privacy
Industry group TRUSTe is creating a new child privacy program that it hopes will address issues raised by the FTC and the pending Bryan bill.

H1-B bill could get reprieve
Legislation to almost double the number of highly skilled technology workers allowed into the country each year may escape sudden death.

Net Tax Act a mixed blessing?
news analysis The Internet Tax Freedom Act stands to help e-commerce, but it contains two controversial provisions.