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Free software with the launch of Downloads at

If the thing you really Crave is free stuff then we're going to make you very, very happy, because has launched a new area of the site called Downloads

If the thing you really Crave is free stuff then we're going to make you very, very happy, because has launched a new area of the site called Downloads. You'll find this section of the site on a new green tab at the top of the page, sitting happily between the Crave and Compare Prices tabs, and when you click on it you'll discover an Aladdin's cave of free and free-to-try software.

There's a huge amount to choose from: there's software for your Windows PC, such as the new Webshots Desktop, a free photo-management application. We've got software for your Mac, such as the new version of the free Web browser Mozilla Firefox 1.5. We've got software for your Mobile -- carry all your Documents to Go with this free-to-try application for your Palm OS device. And, last but not least, we have free games -- including the classic Mario remake Mario Forever 3.5.

You can hunt for software within the Windows, Mac, Mobile and Games tabs by using the list of program categories on the left to browse for a type of program, such as Audio & Video software in Windows or Strategy within Games. Or you can simply use the special Search Downloads box in the middle of the page and find an application such as Webroot Spy Sweeper by searching for it by name. If you use the general Search box on the top left-hand corner of the site, you'll also see Downloads results for the same search, along with matches from other areas of the site such as Crave or Reviews.

When you've seen something you like, simply click on the Download Now link and your download will start. If you're using Internet Explorer, you may need to click the yellow Information bar that appears at the top of the window and select Download File. A little window will pop up asking you, "Do you want to run or save this file?" Click Save and it will prompt you to enter a directory in which to save the file. It's a good idea to create a Downloads directory on your PC so you can always find what you've downloaded.

Clicking Download Now on some applications may offer you a choice of different Web sites from which to get the software -- simply choose the one that's closest to you geographically and click on the link provided. Occasionally you may hit a problem on some downloads, for example if there's a server problem where the file is being hosted, but don't worry -- you're bound to find something else that will do the job. There are many different, excellent applications in each category and over 45,000 applications in total to choose from.

And don't forget -- we want you to share what you think about the software you've tried so find your favourite programs, then click on the orange Review this Product tab and let other people know what you think about the software you've checked out.

Mmm. Free stuff. Free software. Isn't the InterWeb great? Enjoy! -MP