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Tech Industry

Free Software for Super Bowl

Cognos is offering a special edition of its PowerPlay software in time for the Super Bowl. The program gives armchair quarterbacks access to football stats and data while watching the big game.

Online quarterbacks may have an edge over their couch potato counterparts this season. Cognos is offering a special football edition of its PowerPlay Online Analytical Processing software just in time for the play-offs.

PowerPlay Special Edition for Football is a limited, personal-use version of Cognos's Business Intelligence tool. The program provides users with information on teams and past performance of individual players.

The software has access to two databases. One provides regular season statistics for the teams competing in the play-offs, and the other contains postseason data. Postseason data will be updated and posted on the Cognos site after each round of play-offs.

Fans with Windows PCs can download the software free of charge at the Cognos Web site.