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Free photos for your Web site or blog

Free photos for your Web site or blog

Sick to death of the rotten stick figures that come with PowerPoint? Want to punch up your presentations, your blog, your Web site? Getting ready to shell out money for custom or stock photography? Don't. Instead, get free photos at Yotophoto or Everystockphoto.

These sites index royalty-free photography. Both have search engines, and both index--they don't store--photos from various sources around the Web (including Wikipedia, Flickr, and other sites). In my quick tests, the Yotophoto search engine performed better, generally returning more relevant hits.

While the photos on the sites are free to use, even for commercial purposes, they are not without restrictions. Most of the photos I saw were under some form of attribution license: You have to credit the photographer. Also, you can't resell the images in your own archive.

For people who need a little extra zing in their blogs or presentations, these sites are valuable resources.

Source: Under the Radar blog