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Free phone service: Get two months of Tello for $0

Cheapskate exclusive! Here's your chance to try a different carrier with no obligation and no cost. Plus: Get a free Dairy Queen Blizzard!

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Cheapskate readers can save 100 percent on two months' worth of Tello phone service. You're welcome!


Whenever I talk about cheap phone service -- which is often -- readers jump in to champion Tello, a Sprint-powered carrier with some of the lowest rates around.

Want to try it yourself? For a limited time, new Tello customers can get two months of service for free. Regular price: $19 per month. (That link should automatically apply the necessary promo code, but if you don't see a $0 balance at checkout, use code CHEAPSKATE.)

First things first: You'll need an unlocked Sprint- or Verizon-compatible phone. You can bring your own or choose from a variety of inexpensive models sold by Tello. You can also port in an existing number or get a new one.

The Cheapskate-exclusive two-month freebie plan nets you unlimited voice calls and text messages, plus 2GB of 4G LTE (aka high-speed) data and unlimited 2G (aka pokey) data after that. A particularly nice perk: Tello supports tethering at no extra charge. Another one: Free calls to Canada, Mexico and China.

As you might expect, signing up requires a credit card, and you'll get billed at the regular rate starting with month three -- unless you cancel. Will you want to? Tough to say, but assuming you can get by on 2GB of high-speed data per month, $19 is as dirt-cheap as phone service gets.

Need more? You can easily tweak your plan to include 3GB, 4GB or 10GB per month for $24, $29 or $39. (There's also a 1GB option for just $14.) Indeed, one of Tello's claims to fame is how simple it is to upgrade or downgrade your plan based on your needs.

I happened to have a spare unlocked Sprint phone lying around, so I took advantage of the offer myself. Signup was easy, and within about 10 minutes my phone was activated. I did notice a $1.50 charge to my credit card, but I'm assuming that was the usual make-sure-the-card-is-valid test. I'm also assuming it will be refunded.

You've got until Friday to take advantage of this offer. If you're already a Tello user, hit the comments and let your fellow cheapskates know what you like or don't like about the service.

My two cents: This is a fantastic way to see if a smaller carrier is right for you, and a great introduction to one that has some impressively low rates.


Grab a free Blizzard!

Dairy Queen

Bonus deal, food edition: There are certain things about humanity I'll never understand, like why someone would choose vanilla ice cream. Chocolate exists, people!

See for yourself: Today only, you can score a free Dairy Queen Blizzard (small) when you install the Dairy Queen app and register for an account. (Once you do that, you'll have a week to redeem the freebie.)

The one to get, of course, is the Choco Brownie Extreme. But in a head-scratching move, DQ makes this with a vanilla base. Wrong, wrong, wrong... ask for it to be made with chocolate ice cream.

OK, vanilla fans, I apologize. I must remember that other opinions are valid, no matter how misguided they may be. [Ducks.]

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