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Free PDF reader boasts advanced features (podcast)

Nitro PDF's Lonn Lorenz tells Larry Magid about the company's new free PDF reader that lets you fill out forms, time stamps, and offers other advanced features.

There are plenty of free PDF readers available for download including the ubiquitous Adobe Reader from the company that created PDFs in 1993. But Nitro PDF, which publishes the $99.99 Nitro Professional PDF creation tool, is now offering a free PDF reader. Features include include the ability to write comments that can be read by any other PDF reader. Users can also enter text in a static PDF document and insert a graphic, such as a scanned signature. The reader can also be used to create PDFs, though it lacks many of the advanced features available in the professional version.

To explain how the products works, I spoke with the company's chief product officer, Lonn Lorenz.


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