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Free iPad apps (February 2013)

Looking for some free apps to fill up your iPad? Here are five of the most popular free iPad apps for February 2013.

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There are a ton of great iPad apps out there, priced 99 cents and up, that are worth every penny.

But you know how it is. Sometime you catch yourself browsing the App Store for some free app that can offer some momentary entertainment.

Apple keeps a running tally of its most popular free iPad apps over on iTunes, which is updated constantly to reflect current trends. At our request, we asked Apple to provide us with a list of the Top 5 most popular apps based on their most recent weekly totals.

The following CNET Top 5 video recounts Apple's official chart of the top free iPad apps for the week ending February 11. Even though the present-day ranking has certainly changed by the time you see this, it's nevertheless an interesting snapshot of the kinds of free apps that are holding our attention right now (for better, or worse).


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