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Free e-books for Kindle

We have a way for Amazon Kindle users to get books for free.

Sony has a deal with Google that lets users of the Sony Reader get all kinds of public domain e-books for free. But what about the Kindle users? Not to worry. Thanks goes out to Buzz Out Loud listener Dave for sending along a tip for downloading free e-books right to the Kindle, no computer necessary. That's something that the Sony Reader can't do. Here's how to do it.

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First, make sure your Kindle's on and the wireless connection is active.

Press menu and select experimental.

Then select basic Web.

Press menu again and select enter URL.

Then enter

Now you can browse through books by title or author. It's a little tedious using the navstick to move down and select the titles.

Once you've found the book and clicked, it will ask if you wish to download it. Say OK.

It downloads. And once it is finished--press Home and the book will show up on your list of books. No charge! The full public domain book is there, absolutely legal. also makes a Kindle Guide that you can download and use instead of the browser. When you download the guide, it shows up in your list of books on the home page. And then you can open that guide and browse for books from there.

The thing is, I could not make it work on my Kindle 2, and even when we did get it working on a co-workers Kindle, it kicks you out to the browser to make downloads anyway. The browser-version worked just fine, so you might just want to go with that. And keep in mind any books you get from feedbooks won't sync to other Kindles or to the iPhone application.