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Free calls to 0800 numbers from your mobile with Virgin VIP Plus

Virgin Media is tackling the problem of expensive customer service calls with the new VIP Plus deal including free 0800 numbers.

Calling the gas or electric company is always a pain, multiplied by the fact you know you're paying through the nose for the privilege. Virgin Media is tackling the problem by giving you free 0800 calls with its new VIP Plus SIM-only deal.

Virgin's SIM-only VIP tariff gives you unlimited texts, calls and data for £15 each month, with no obligation to a lengthy contract. The new VIP Plus deal adds unlimited calls to 0800, 0870, 0845 and 0808 numbers for an extra £3 each month.

Virgin was the first network to offer calls to 08 numbers for people on monthly contracts as part of your allowance. Although there are plans to do away with expensive 0800 charges, they won't kick in for people on other networks for a while.

"Ofcom plans to make calls to 0800 numbers free from mobile phones," notes mobiles expert Ernest Doku at, "but we won't benefit from that until next summer. This deal puts Virgin Media one step ahead of Ofcom and other providers by offering consumers the protection they need when it comes to making a 'free' call from their mobile.

"By taking all the things that make the market-leading VIP tariff great -- a 30-day rolling contract, all-you-can-eat everything and a simple process if you already have a handset -- and turning its attention to those costly non-geographic numbers, Virgin Media has managed to make the best even better. Adding this perk to its SIM-only deal pushes Virgin Media into top spot in terms of offering serious value for money to suit most consumers.

"We only hope that this deal doesn't spell the end of their existing cheaper options, or become a deal solely for Virgin Media customers."

Do you spend enough time hanging on the telephone with annoying customer service lines to make this worthwhile? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page, or press 9 to speak to an operator.