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Get a free Amazon Fire tablet with subscription to Texture (the Netflix of magazines)

The limited time deal ends July 21.

You can find fine publications, like CNET Magazine, on Texture's subscription-based magazine service.

Mark Mann

Texture, the service that gives readers unlimited access to over 175 magazines (including CNET Magazine), is offering subscribers a free Amazon Fire tablet with a six-month subscription.

Available through Amazon's website, the deal is available while supplies last and ends July 21. As long as you don't cancel the subscription within the first 7 days, buyers will receive a promotional code via e-mail to purchase the tablet via Amazon.

The Fire tablet costs $50, and six months of unlimited magazines with Texture runs $89.95. If you spend more than $40 on magazines in a six-month period and have piqued interest in a decent, cheap tablet (maybe for reading magazines while poolside or on your summer vacation) this deal is for you.