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'FRED': a CSI detective's best friend

Secure 2 terabytes of incriminating crime-scene data on the fly.

Digital Intelligence

First, we admit to some potential bias here: We're not huge fans of CSI, in whatever location--Miami, New York, Vegas, Walla Walla--so perhaps we're missing something here. Still, we can't help but think that this product is an indication that some people might be getting a wee obsessed with the whole forensics craze. (The fact that forensics can constitute a craze is disturbing enough as it is.)

Digital Intelligence's "Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device," or FRED to its friends, and its related "On Location" equipment are designed to accompany you to the scene of the crime, where up to 2 terabytes of incriminating data can be transferred from suspect machines on the fly and stored on this system without missing a beat on your own computing functions. Prices start at $5,999, according to Red Ferret, so this had better be a serious hobby (if not a full-time law enforcement job).

One word of advice: If you run into David Caruso at any crime scenes, don't take any career advice from him.